Fuzz Buster Sticker Pack

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It’s 2:45 am on a Saturday, you’re driving home after a night with friends. You tried to have a good night out but just couldn’t muster up the courage to let loose, have some drinks, and relax… you keep reflecting on your failed relationship you just got out of… fun was never an option. Lost in thought, you weren’t really paying attention and glance down at your speedometer, oh crap you’re going 45mph over the speed limit. You instinctually look in your rearview mirror and see a vehicle tailgating you….Your Stomach drops… Its a police officer… The lights are still off but you anticipate the worst… Heart break and a ticket? What a night… Just then, the police vehicle slows down and turns into a gas station behind you. What just happened…?  Then you realize, the day before you applied your Fuzz Buster stickers to your bumper! No way… it actually worked!  Was it the Blue lives matter? The Wounded warrior? The Marine support sticker…? Regardless, you were granted a second chance and at the end of the day, don’t we all deserve a second chance? I miss her…


Product Details:

  • Wounded warrior sticker – 5″X3.6″
  • EMT sticker – 3.5″X3.5″
  • I Bleed Blue sticker – 5″X3.5″
  • Marine Corps sticker – 4″X4″
  • Wounded warrior sticker – 3.7″X4.2″

Materials- Calendared 6mil vinyl
Finish- Gloss
Qty included with purchase: 5 stickers on 1 sticker sheet

1 review for Fuzz Buster Sticker Pack

  1. Jolie

    This sticker pack is NO JOKE. I played the “sob story” card and cried last time I got pulled over to no avail… but this time around, my new Blue Lives Matter sticker pulled through! The cop actually thanked me for my support and asked me to drive a little more carefully next time. He also asked for my number and if I was single! This sticker pack works wonders, thank you so much FHS!

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