It takes courage to be different.. to stand out in a crowd of followers.. to be the spice that changes up the recipe. Not only do we support you, we ENCOURAGE you to take that leap. and… we have just the sticker. The WEENIE sticker sporting GOOGLE’s signature colors shows that you know what’s in, you know what everyone uses to search for information, but, you are still hung up on the ask Jeeves platform going down. Plus if your ex worked at Google, this will really stick it to them. It takes a while for the hurt to go away but hopefully this sticker will help the bitter taste of heartbreak go down a little easier. Its a reminder that you didn’t deserve the way you were treated.. Its time to move on and embrace the new you. Stand out, don’t just stand down.


Product Details:
Dimensions- 5″X1.4″
Materials- Calendared 6mil vinyl
Finish- Gloss
Qty included with purchase: 2


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