Beer Fridge


Ok, enough is enough. There… I said it! I can’t be the only one who is sick and tired of old take out boxes, dried out baby carrots, and that container of On The Border mild salsa taking up valuable space in your fridge. The real prize in in your left hand…. its not much, but its a 6 pack of all day IPA. In a fit of rage, you destroy the contents of your fridge. Baby carrots scatter the floor…. but, it felt… good. A clean slate. With newly empty fridge shelves, you take your 6 pack and put it in its rightful place. You close the fridge and adorned it with its new label, now everyone will know that you…  no… that WE mean business.  You can open your fridge now with confidence knowing that when you look in there, the only thing in there is your Beer… the rightful ruler of the fridge.


Product Details:
Dimensions- 4″X4″
Materials- Calendared 6mil vinyl
Finish- Matte
Qty included with purchase: 2


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