M69 Sticker


Oh rugged M-69, you inspire me to write,
With your gravel in my treads, it simply feels right.
Invading my mind through the days and nights,
getting lost in your curves, ignoring bug bites.

You are more rugged and rougher than the roads before
Peaking my curiosity, and my lust for more.
Roads spread wide open, and ready for seeds,
My restraint quickly fleeting, a man with his needs.

With a job well done, a man gasping for air.
I catch a glimpse of a creature, perhaps a bear?
To my surprise it’s a large unkempt beaver.
Looking for love? I’ll gladly relieve her.

Last night was a blur on those long winding roads,
For what is a night without fleeing our woes.
But M-69 is tireless and eager for more,
when traveling her roads, who knows what’s in store.


Product Details:
Dimensions- 4″X4″
Materials- Calendared 6mil vinyl
Finish- Matte
Qty included with purchase: 2

The road ahead is wide open. She’s a real beauty and yours for the taking. Are you ready to ride?


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